How to use Larbin

How to compile ?

untar the package

If you need specific settings, gmake accept several options :

For more customizations see this page

How to run the program ?

Once compiled, you can launch the program simply by typing './larbin'. Use the "-c conf_file" to define the configuration file you want to use (larbin.conf by default).

You can follow the work of Larbin thanks to its web server : just take your favorite browser and submit it the following url : http://localhost:8081/ (with no proxy).

If you want to submit urls to larbin, by hand or through a program, connect to the port 1976 (tcp) of your computer. The first thing to do is to enable input (add the line "inputPort 1976" in larbin.conf). The first line you write explains larbin what to do with the urls you give it. This line should look like this : "priority:1 depth:3 test:0".

Then you just have to write one url per line (or one int, one space and one url if options.h includes "#define URL_TAGS"). You can try it with a simple 'telnet localhost 1976'.

How to restart after a crash (or an intentional stop)

Larbin saves its internal state on disk frequently. This allows larbin to restart where it last stopped after an intentional stop or a crash. If you want to restart from scratch, use the -scratch option.

This feature is only usable if options.h includes "#define RELOAD". For restarting from previous state, there must be at least 2 fifo files (fifoxxxxxx in working directory).
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