How to customize Larbin

Where do the pages arrive ?

In order to customize larbin according to your needs, you have to create a userouput file (see src/interf/ This file must define the 4 following functions :
In case of specificSearch, the functions loaded and failure are only called for specific pages.

For examples of useroutput files, see src/interf/

There are several default modules you can use. For more details, see options.h.

Simple customizations


The basic configurations are made in larbin.conf. Here are the different fields of this file :


In this file, you can define options which can change what will be done. Here are the different thing you can define (you must recompile larbin if you change one of those) :


If you want to tune larbin a little more, go and see this file (it is supposed to be commented enough). Of course, for those changes to have effects, you have to recompile larbin.

More customizations

If you need something more, you'll have to do it (or ask me to do it :-)).
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